the melbourne book


It's the world's most liveable book

The Melbourne Book is 368 pages of passion about the world's most liveable city.
'The Melbourne Book - A History of Now' by Maree Coote
Okay. So you think you know your city? Right. Charles Swanston. Why the main street for this man? The Manchester Unity Building. Built for ...the Oddfellows? And they were 'odd' because....? Rock Goddess Julia Zemiro has adopted this city as her own. Why? Don't you think you should know? Put your hands in the air and step away from that idiotic GFC, and come back to what matters. The future and sanity start right here, at home. Here's your chance to reconnect with a sense of place, a sense of meaning, and learn a little more about this town you are so lucky to live in.

'The Melbourne Book- A History of Now' first published in 2003, has just enjoyed its first major update. New hard cover, New chapters on Melbourne's street art and design culture, food and fashion... New tales from Melbourne's short but amazing history. New tales of Melbourne's physical, cultural, architectural, historical and mythical features. New photographs of this ever-changing city. 
Over 700 photos, over 60 tales of the city. The must-have Melburnian's manual; it's the world's most liveable book. It's all home grown, homemade, indie publishing, and made with love.
368 pages, great value, $49.50.

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